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Novelists and Critics: “Inviting a Cow to a Butcher’s Convention”?

Do novelists enjoy talking about their work with scholars?

“Inviting a cow to a butchers’ convention,” Amitav Ghosh called it once. (We’re pretty sure he was joking).

But our experience has been that some novelists love to talk with scholars about the underpinning,  ground rules, and history of their form. Novel Dialogue invites a novelist and a literary critic to talk about novels from every angle: how we read them, write them, publish them, and remember them.  

More often than not, critics talk to other critics and novelists talk to other novelists. This podcast breaks out of those professional circles in the belief that literary critics and artists can and should be talking directly to one another. Novel Dialogue aims to bring you those conversations. 

We offer lively, fun, and sophisticated dialogues that dissect the art of novel-writing and consider the influence of characters, plots, and stories on how we think about the world.

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