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Here is how to subscribe to our podcast.

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“What are Podcasts?”

A podcast is basically a radio show that you get on the internet, So you can listen whenever it is convenient for you. Subscribing is completely free and means you’ll automatically receive each new episode on your device and can then listen at any time – even if you’re not connected to the internet.

“Ok, where can I find Podcasts?”

If you are an iPhone or iPad user,
there’s already an app called “Podcasts” on your device. Just open that up, search for “How To Read” and hit subscribe.
If you are an Android user,
you’ll need to download a podcast app — we recommend Stitcher, which is free. Find it in the Google Play store, install it, and then open it up and search for “Novel Dialogue” – when you see the podcast, hit the “+” to add it to your favorites. You’re all set!

“I’m still lost doing this….”

If you’re having trouble subscribing, try the introductory video below or drop us a line. Alternatively, you can always listen to our current and older episodes through this website.

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